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Number of Articles[modifyé wikikod]

Hi Jon, can you tell me why we can't see the number of articles of the Guianan Creole Wikipedia please ?

When I go to the Main page, I see this is written 0 article, is it normal ? How can we change that, please ? PouLagwiyann (diskisyon) 29 novanm 2019 à 20:52 (-03)Répondre[répondre]

Hi PouLagwiyann. This is a typical problem of newly initiated projects as the statistics have to be re-calculated after the import. It should be solved now. Best regards. --Holder (diskisyon) 4 désanm 2019 à 16:02 (-03)Répondre[répondre]
Ok, I saw thank you for answering me! PouLagwiyann (diskisyon) 4 désanm 2019 à 19:54 (-03)Répondre[répondre]